Translation Services

With the way businesses are scaling up and the world is becoming more connected, reaching out to your international customers is a necessity. There is no better way to communicate to them than their own language. Translation services are useful to help you get your point across to an international audience. Human translation services are the way to go if you are looking to level-up your global reach and elevate business like never before. We are here to help you with all your translation service needs. 

We provide 24/7 assistance to your queries, have optimum flexibility in our operations and are always ready to adapt to all kinds of translation needs. We undertake translation for legal documents, film scripts, and business contracts and many more. Our team of experts analyze, translate, localize, and edit to ensure subject matter accuracy. We also use leading computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools that help yield faster response times while leveraging translation memory (TM), cutting costs and timelines. 

All our documents go through a rigorous quality check process to make sure you have the best of what is needed.

Transcription Services

Transcription is the process of converting a spoken message into written text. Transcribed speech is easier to share, edit, index, and cross-refer. The job of a professional transcriber is to carefully listen to interviews, recordings, presentations, speeches, conferences or any other audio format and then transcribe it as accurately as possible to text. It is estimated that an hour of recorded audio takes approximately 4 hours to transcribe. 

With us, instantly transcribe any spoken message! Our team of experts comes with experience in transcribing legal transcriptions, medical transcriptions or any audio file transcriptions. Lawyers can now study cases from various countries and languages, medical practitioners will find it easier to organise records and audio files can be transcribed even to other languages. You can trust us with impeccable delivery, effective costing and fast turnaround time without any compromise on your linguistic needs!

Transliteration Services

Transliteration means writing a source text into a different language phonetically. In transliteration, if we have a text in English that needs to be transliterated in Hindi, we will write the sentences/words like they are spoken in English using the Hindi script (Devanagni in this case). Transliteration comes in handy when we have to transliterate content like music, album titles, movie titles, game titles etc to different Indian vernacular languages. Instead of translation, transliteration is used to maintain the punch of the original in the target language. We understand the need of this and hence we are here to help your content reach out to your target audience with our transliteration services. 

Our prices are reasonable, turnaround time is fast and delivery is done post multiple quality checks. We offer our services in multiple languages, without foregoing on the quality of output. Our team of linguists are professionally experienced and have sound knowledge in the language as well as domains they work in.

Sub Titling Services

Communication is what unites people from all walks of life, and we understand it better than anyone. It aims to bring together people of diverse cultures, traditions and languages. Therefore, it is necessary to communicate to your audience in a span of diverse languages so that they understand and relate to your business. This is where we come in – to help you reach out to all your audiences is a language they understand best. We make sure your content matters to them as much as it matters to you. 

We offer subtitling services in many languages like Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Kashmiri, Malayalam, Marathi, Manipuri, Oriya, Punjabi, Sindhi, Sanskrit, Tamil, Telugu, Urdu, urmese, Bangladeshi, Chinese, Cambodian, Dari, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Kurdish, Malay, Nepalese, Pashto, Singhalese, Thai, Tajik, Uzbek, Vietnamese, Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Croatian, Czech, Estonian, Farsi, Hebrew, Hungarian, Mongolian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovenian, Slovak (Solvency), Turkish, Ukrainian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Maltese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish. 

Our subtitling services help people from various regions enjoy movies, videos, audi clips, and other muti-media content without the language barriers. We use simple language and leave complex jargons behind, without the use of phrases and long sentences.

Proofreading Services

Our team is extremely skilled and experienced at proofreading documents be it in any language. We take utmost care to make sure everything is as per client’s interest. The work is carried out with utmost accuracy such that the final output is free of any error and also easy-to-understand. No complex jargons are used and the document goes through multiple grounds of quality assessment including spelling errors, punctuation, structure, sentence formation, and grammar. With the best team with us, we undertake utmost accuracy to give out work that pleases the client and is understandable by the audience.

Translation Services

Localization Services

Website localization is adaptation of your website for a user friendly experience as per geographic, language or cultural identity of your targeted audience. It is the process of assessing the preference of your targeted audience and modifying the website to complement the needs of specific audience.

Commercial Translation

If you have a business and want to find new customers, it’s essential to communicate with them easily. One way to do this is by using commercial translation services. Here are some details about these services that can help you start speaking in different languages.

Medical Translation

Medical document translation is the process of transferring medical information from one language to another, and the service is usually required for people who don’t speak both languages.
Medical translation services aim to facilitate communication between doctors, patients, and other healthcare professionals

Interpretation Services

Interpretation is the process of conveying message by converting an oral message from one language to another in real time. A professional interpreter will have out forth your message effectively.

Financial Translation

A financial document is a document used to transfer ownership of assets between people, such as a deed, a mortgage, or a check. There are two types of translation: one-way and two-way.

Audio Translation

The audio-visual translation is when an audio source in one language is translated into a corresponding video and audio source in another language. The video and audio sources are synchronized, as they would be on a TV broadcast.

Multilingual Translation

Multicultural marketing or inclusive marketing is formulating a tailor made marketing campaign. It is customized to target audience of various cultures and ethnicities. These are personalized practices that connect you to all groups.

Patent Translation

Patent translation is the process of translating a patent application into another language so an international audience can access the information about the invention. Translating a patent into the language of another country is necessary for it to be valid there.

E Learning Translation

What is a Literature, E-Learning & Tourism document translation service?
Literary translation consists of the translation of poetry, plays, academic books, literary texts, songs, rhymes, scholarly articles, fiction novels, novels, short stories, poems, etc.

Legal Document Translation

A legal translation involves translating a legal document or document passage from one language into another while preserving the original meaning. Legal translations follow a procedure that considers the legal background.

Marketing Document Translation

A marketing translation involves translating the text and personalizing the marketing message for target audiences, keeping in mind their cultural preferences. Marketing translation converts marketing materials (such as advertising copy, webpages, and

Books Translation services

A translated book can reach a broad international audience and gain a more significant readership. Leading authors often work with publishers to have their books published in at least the most widely spoken international language

Brochure Translation services

There is nothing more basic than the translation of a company’s or firm’s brochure from its original language into another language for the sole purpose of creating an atmosphere that would appeal to international visitors of varying linguistic backgrounds and hopefully help them understand what the brochure represents.

Software Localization Services

Software localization is a holistic process of adapting and creating software that complies with cultural and linguistic aspect for global reach. It is a vital step in expanding your business for global clients. It involves translating texts, GUI (Graphic User Interface), and changes in design and UX.

Website-Localization Services

Website localization is adaptation of your website for a user friendly experience as per geographic, language or cultural identity of your targeted audience. It is the process of assessing the preference of your targeted audience and modifying the website to complement the needs of specific audience.

Technical Translation

Technical translation is more than plain translation. It is translation of material from technical domains, like, medicine, technology, science, engineering, manufacturing and many more. Technical content is written by industry experts and thus requires translators expert in the field.

Menu Translation Services

Due to the nature of their businesses, many people are forced to translate menus. Menu translation involves translating a menu into another language (usually English) and then translating it into your native language. We provide quality menu translation services

Advertisement Translations

Advertise your product in various languages, keeping in mind cultural nuances of various places. With our team of expert copywriters, we give you a taste of success by letting you explore the global market. Advertisement and marketing is the core for growth of your business.

Bids and Proposal Translation

The current Global Market is fierce and competitive. In order to secure a project several International vendors are quoting bids and proposals with a team of experts. To stand out amongst the vast sea of quotes your bids not only require cheap pricing but well integrated proposal that consider terms of the other party.

Manual Translations

The manual translation is a translation process that uses human expertise and linguistic skills to convert the source text into the target language. It is often part of a broader term, including machine translation based on software and automatic methods. When no computer is involved in the process, it is called manual.

Document Translation

Translating involves writing content. The translation is simply rendering the content from the source language into the target language. Today, document translation covers a wide range of topics and industry niches. It is crucial to translate documents to promote understanding and communication among people who do not speak the

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