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Desigual Case Study


Desigual is a casual clothing brand based in Barcelona (Spain), which is noted for its patchwork designs, intense prints, innovative graffiti art, asymmetrical designs (hence the name) and flamboyant splashes of colour. Founded in 1984 by Thomas Meyer, from Switzerland,the company was led by Manel Adell from 2002 until December 2013. Manel Jadraque then became the new CEO. Desigual sells men's, women's, children's clothing, accessories and women's shoes. It achieved a 60% annual growth from 2002 to 2009, and a turnover of €250 million in 2009, €440 million in 2010 and €560 million in 2011. In 2011 it employed 2,900 people of 72 nationalities.

To reach 200,000+ women between the ages of 18-35 in San Francisco California in 2 days.

  • Reaching target audience within 2 days and providing maximum leverage to gain customers for the showroom in San Francisco.
  • Making sure that we only reach the given target audience of women between the ages of 18-35 and not anything below or above that.
  • Time period within 2 days through Email marketing.
  • We segregated our database in line to the client requirement and selected 200,000+ best records for campaign.
  • We did an initial email broadcast to 50,000 records to gauge the response and upon then we started the campaigns with multiple set of database after seeing positive response.
  • Did a viral campaign type of program to generate immediate response rate.
  • Made sure at least 10% open rate and 18% click through to be generated within first 40 hours by multiple campaigns and later remarketing to them again as a reminder.
  • Also went out of our way and did campaigns amongst youth to generate word of mouth publicity to make the campaign successful. This strategy helped as many males took their female companions to the showroom.

The successful launch of the campaign proved a good launching pad for the brand in USA. This took the many other brands by surprise.

You can see the campaigns success and marketing videos on YouTube

This campaign provided us with multiple opportunities to showcase the talent of our team by first taking the challenge to do this project within a short span of time and also delivering the results that was promised. The campaign also showcased the strength of our database in consumer sector. We own more than 250 million consumer records worldwide with Emails and this can also be segregated according to geo, age, sex, income and many other criteria which came became proven during the project. This also shows we can also do viral marketing apart from b2b marketing, b2c marketing and email marketing.

E-ticket Booking Case Study

This case study is on on e-ticket booking company. An up-and-coming ecommerce company in the aviation sector and travel. Aiming to be one of the top companies in European tourism and travel market. Wanted to create a niche for them in the competitive market.

  • Securing businesses for the client in the competitive market and creating a market constantly.
  • Ensuring the client’s business was taken off positively as this was their first campaigns.
  • Channelizing the right sources and database to target and not just random database to increase the traffic.
  • Identifying the correct target audience and market
  • Conducted a full review of the business to find the best suited target audience and how one customer can bring in multiple customers.
  • The business consulting and data team identified b2b sector for quick growth and the target titles were HRs,CEO’s, CFO’s , travel and meeting planners as this people are responsible for meeting, ticket booking, events across the board and this would help in getting corporate booking regularly and securing booking every month.
  • Provided the data to the client and this campaigns was run multiple times by client.
  • The client got the perfect database of target audience against their original plan of going for consumer database and this proved beneficial.
  • An effective business planning package that covered all of the necessary areas
  • Today the client is one of the major online ticketing and travel booking company.
  • A start up is now a multinational company.
  • This proved that our team just do not get involved in transactional data sales but also do business consulting and provide the correct database for the campaign.
  • Our data analyst was correct in predicting the right audience and this resulted in client being one of the major players in their sector.

Case Study on High-tech Company (sales force consulting, CRM and ERP)

Our client was a new technology consulting firm specializing in CRM and ERP customization. They were aspiring to grow and showcase their technical prowess and focused on increasing their business. They had good and enthusiastic team looking to show their talent.

To reach list of specific technology users.

To give them a platform to reach their target audience and create a market for them in the already cramped industry with huge talent.

  • Provided list of technology users from various industry using SAP, Oracle, Sales force etc to the client.
  • This was used for multi channel marketing like telemarketing and Email marketing for appointments and lead generation to sell their services.

They gained new clients and increased the revenue and today are one of the few firms doing well in this sector. Have a well established clientele and an office with 50+ employees in New York.

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