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Website localization is adaptation of your website for a user friendly experience as per geographic, language or cultural identity of your targeted audience. It is the process of assessing the preference of your targeted audience and modifying the website to complement the needs of specific audience.


Website translation is the process of converting original or source language into a different target language.  It includes the text and attached multimedia. Website translation is word-to-word translation of source of language without changing the authenticity, tone and context.


Localization and Translation are often used interchangeably. However, there is a thin line of difference between the two. Translation is only a component of localization whereas localization is the complete package.

With translation is literal meaning of content, localization puts together the cultural, design layout and aspects into consideration. Several languages when translated from English take twice as much space. Several others are written from right to left. A translators job ends with mere translation of content, on the other hand one has to consider the space requirement, design layout while localizing.

Translation does not include symbols and currency, with localization cultural value attached to a symbol, currency, measurement etc. is changed as per local guidelines.


The answer is a big yes, you should. Content creation takes tremendous efforts and analysis.  Any business that aims to expand globally must consider the language and cultural barriers in effective communication.  The AI plug-ins used for translations often end up giving nonsensical and inappropriate results. To get your message conveyed effectively our experts work on every major and minute details involved in your website.

  1. Cultural and regional diversity

Inclusion of local date and time formats, currency units, measurement units and local holidays makes your audience feel at home.

  1. Navigation and Discovery

It’s important to know colour preferences, icon, links and keyword placement as per locally accepted standards. 

  1. Trust building

Statistics show that around 72% people spend maximum time surfing website in their native language. From psychological standpoint,by putting a culturally appropriate personal touch and in-language customer support, you gain a sense of trust amongst your audience.

  1. Culturally acceptable

The most important part of localization is to ensure your website doesn’t use any image, graphics, text that’s culturally inappropriate for your targeted audience.

  1. Market competition

Your competition might have a better reach because of website translation, while your reach gets limited. With an efficient multilingual website you stand a better chance to create customized content for foreign clients and capitalizing on same.

  1. Enhanced SEO

A translation agency does not give you word to word translation only; it also furnishes global and multilingual SEO. Global SEO is an effective way to have strong international presence and drive traffic to your website.


  1. Software Localization

We ensure that your software performance does not get compromised amidst all the modifications. Our software engineers and local experts work together to build the most efficient and accessible products for your audience.

  1. Website Localization

We priorities user experience and SEO while localizing your website. We ensure your website ranks higher while being easy to navigate and explore by the users. Our language experts work on local language and related search to ensure best keywords and meta-descriptions for you.

  1. Apps Localization

We ensure your app is appealing and easy to use everywhere. We assign local language to the apps, assure local currency and time-date format are used. Our experts ensure that your message is not lost in transition but comes out as it is.

  1. Video Game Localization

Your games shouldn’t feel alien to your audience. Our experts ensure that the videogame is modified as per localized designs, in game text and narrative. So that your audience lives through the virtual world you create.


  1. Accurate translation in 100+ language

With 99% translation accuracy, our experts provide website translation in over 100 languages. Our translation expertise ranges in various domains from medical, technology, legal and many more.

  1. Content strategy

We analyze market trends and linguistic patterns, to curate best translation results. Our experts translate your source content in such away that it’s easily comprehendible while still carrying original message.

  1. Multilingual SEO

To develop a global SEO, we aim at translation along with SEO enhancement. Our experts comply with multilingual SEO guidelines while translating your website to rank it under international SEO.


Our experts furnish SEO complying translation in 100+ languages to expand your business reach globally. We analyze local culture, market trends, and build a website that’s not just language friendly but adheres to locally accepted cultural standards and preferences. We ensure to deliver our projects before deadlines while adhering to quality content.

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