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What is marketing document translation?

A marketing translation involves translating the text and personalizing the marketing message for target audiences, keeping in mind their cultural preferences.

Marketing translation converts marketing materials (such as advertising copy, webpages, and social media) to a different language. Languages with similar vocabulary but other structures, such as English-to-French translations, are relatively easy to translate.

In most cases, marketing translation services include direct contact with clients and web content developers to oversee and guide projects to achieve the required standards.


Below are three of the most common instances where marketing translation services may be called upon, with accompanying examples:

Customer Support Services – Factsheets, brochures, and user guides in foreign language versions for new markets.

– Factsheets, brochures, and user guides in foreign language versions for new markets. Marketing Products – Translation of products into foreign languages for presales. Marketing materials such as FAQs or e-brochures for specific local audiences. Calls to action such as contact details in different locations.

Why do we need marketing translation?

What would happen if you tried to sell your business in a country where people don’t speak the same language as you? Well, you might have a hard time communicating your message correctly and effectively. The bottom line is, if you don’t have marketing translation, then the effectiveness of your marketing can be severely diminished. That’s why it’s essential!

Marketing translation services are essential for businesses that need to expand their reach and conduct business globally. This post will talk about four steps that will help ensure your marketing is effective cross-culturally.

The opportunity for marketing translation

Marketing translation is having your marketing collateral translated into a different language for another country. It’s just like the English version of your business card, letter, or brochure, and it has to be written in the target language. It’s important to note that it’s not enough to translate what you say; instead, you need to make sure that the message behind it will be understood by potential clients in other parts of the world. This is why effective marketing translation requires expert translators who know how to accurately communicate your message while following cultural standards of grammar and spelling.

What are the benefits of marketing translation services?

Here are some of the essential benefits of marketing translation:

Competitive advantage

Global marketing content sells your products if you speak the language of your customers.

Your marketing strategy’s success starts with understanding this. You should localize your marketing content regardless of whether your competitors already do so. 

An experienced translation agency produces tangible results: exceeded marketing goals and increased lead generation that you can see in real numbers translated into substantial ROI. 

Global Reputation

There has been an increase in demand for localized products, websites, and marketing materials. Among the factors determining a company’s positive or negative reputation amongst customers and prospects, this is one. 

By providing a quality translation, you not only prevent your clients from leaving you, but you also build a long-term relationship by showing that you care enough about them to speak their language correctly.

Easy and efficient communication

Marketing content is designed to communicate your company’s message to any local market you plan on entering. However, there is another side to this. Your content invites prospects to contact you. Asking them in their language that makes them feel welcome and safe will encourage them to stay. Those who wish to communicate want to think that the other party is fully committed to hearing their voice.

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