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Dedicated Regional Language Translation Services to bring success

Alpha Data Leads is one of the fastest-rising regional language translation services provider companies in Bangalore, India. We establish our brand with an aim to deliver translation solutions to the specific needs of private and non-private organizations, local agencies, and new start-ups.


Human Translation

The very first thing that makes us on the top list is our human translation services. We are not struggling with any translating software, 100% human translator service you can get with our business.

How to connect different states through translation Services?

These days, it’s easy to deal within a country with our exclusive Indian Language translation services. The northern zone of the country can connect with the southern zone with the assistance of our experts and trustworthy translators. They are fully packed with the native or local language of a particular state.

Translation can be easily done from Hindi and English to popular south Indian speaking languages such as Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam. The same translating procedure we follow for North Indian languages. Apart from this, we can help you translate the text into other regional languages of India. Through this service, you can pursue your business not only in your native state but across the border.  

The major focus is quality and our team is committed to delivering high-quality language services.

Do you think language is a barrier?

The earlier language was a great hurdle to deal with but it’s not in today’s scenario. As you have a company like Alpha Data Leads that provides exceptional translation services in India. We share out all sorts of translation solutions but are not limited to the following.

Legal and Financial Translation

We have a special team deal with the legal documents, court notices, etc. Our experts work day–night to deliver peace of mind to our potential customers. As Hindi is the first language of India but most people are not in a situation to understand it except their local language and during this circumstance, they can use our Hindi language translation service for better understanding.

Educational Translation

In the present world, acquiring good information through the internet becomes easy. Therefore, publishing information in a different language is key to reach multiple language groups. Our team comes forward to perform translation for educational institutes, universities, and colleges. We help you to organize a language translation campaign with better and accurate solutions. If you are interested to learn a language other than native, we will help you. We’ve experts in translating e-learning into Marathi, Gujarati, Rajasthani, and any other Indian language.

Medical Translation

Our superior team is ready to work on medical projects. We translate medical files or documents in your required language without any error. At Alpha Data Leads, every content is converted in the most precise manner. 

IT and Technical Translation

We are compatible to work on IT translation projects. Fortunately, we have clients all over the country to help them with multilingual translation services. For client’s satisfaction, we work effortlessly to deliver quality over quantity within the deadline.

Guarantee lowest price language translation

Experienced staff includes the best newspaper editors and multi-language specialists to ensure the best quality translation at a competitive price.

Oriya is a very rare language and still, we have skilled translators for offering Oriya translation services to boost your business in distinct regions. Similarly, other languages like Punjabi and Bengali are commonly speaking but when comes to deep understanding, a faithful translator is required.

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