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Technical Translation

Technical translation is more than plain translation. It is translation of material from technical domains, like, medicine, technology, science, engineering, manufacturing and many more.  Technical content is written by industry experts and thus requires translators expert in the field.  It emphasizes on technical aspects/words of the content.


Materials that require technical translation

  1. Operating manuals RFP
  2. Instruction manuals Presentations
  3. Description and Data sheets Safety manuals
  4. Specifications Software and Hardware UI
  5. Research papers
  6. Legal documents
  7. Patents (specification and drawing)
  8.  RFP
  9. Presentations
  10. Safety manuals
  11. Software and Hardware UI

Why you need technical translation?

Can I not translate my content using web plug-ins? Why shouldn’t I opt for normal translation?

You can use web plugins and simple translation to get your material translated. However, statistics show poor results for technical translations using web-plugins. AI is unable to comprehend the exact meaning of a technical term, when it has numerous meanings attached to it. Thus, using web-plugins might give you non-sensical and out of context results.

Simple translation has linguistic experts; however they lack technical know-how of certain fields. A word in technical dictionary may have up to 300 meanings, and selecting the best out of lost depends on skills, knowledge and experience of translators.

Industry experts assign technical meanings to the materials and make it unambiguous. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of technical jargons, dialects and subject matter. We ensure your material gets translated with high level accuracy and proficiency.


Alphadata Leads has expert translators, who ensure quality translation in a jiff.

  1. Expert translators

With several linguistic experts deployed, we ensure your content never goes through a translation glitch. Our experts ensure your original message remains intact after translation as well. We deliver results with 99% accuracy.

  1. Technical know how

In addition to being linguistic experts, our translators have in depth knowledge in diverse industries.  Our translators ensure that accurate meaning is assigned to technical terminology. Use and translation of technical terminology and jargons in various languages comes for several years of expertise of our translators.

  1. 100+ Language pairings

Alphadata Leads provides 100+ language pairings for translation. We understand that with globalization comes, collaborations and expansions. Therefore, we aim at growing our language translation pairings more.

  1. Diverse fields

Our translators expertise in various fields including medicine, legal, technology, business administration, and many more. We ensure your materials get translated my industry expert to ensure accuracy and high quality of translations.

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