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With utter pride, Alpha Data Leads is serving national and international clients for the last 4+ years. We are a Bangalore-based Foreign language translation services provider agency and keep blooming our business by offering translating solutions to MNC’s, government organizations, the private sector, and many more.


Along with professional translation services, we provide interpretation, transcription, and proofreading services to our reputed clients. Our translator team has gained certification in major international languages such as Spanish, French, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Dutch, Greek, etc. to pursue translating projects with ease. Thus, we are familiar with the best language translating service provider.     

Why should a client choose us?

Quality, Transparency, punctuality, honesty, and cost-effectiveness are some attributes that make us stand on the board. We are highly competent to meet your precise foreign language translation needs. Presently, we are known in all the English and Non-English speaking countries for our loyalty and good work. We follow norms in translating job: firstly, we understand and discuss the project with the whole team and then assigned them to qualified members or experts in that particular foreign language.

Our translation services are 100% valid and approved for the following categories but not limited to this:

  • Legal Documents
  • Multimedia
  • Digital Marketing
  • Website Translation
  • Medical Care
  • Universities/Colleges
  • Training Departments
  • Local or small Dealers etc.

How our translator is the better version of translating services?

A translation process is possible with the full command over the source as well as the target language. In previous years, translators convert the text files into the required language and done their job but today translating job is a much better version.


Our translators have a deep understanding of the language or culture you translate from as well as minor to major conflicts of our own culture, which is a completely different scenario from what earlier translators perform. We know translation is not about translating the meaning of text from one to another but it includes enormous other features while translating content from source to target language. Our genius team is well aware of native language of European & Asian countries as well as they know about their culture, business status, and target audience.

How we work for foreign language translation services?

Location: Verify client’s language and location

Upload documents: Send or upload documents/files required for translation

Payment: Pay according to deal

Process: When the translation process is done, we’ll send files to the client for approval

Approved: Once the translation is approved, we’ll forward the soft copy via convenient source, and if required hard copy, we’ll send by fastest courier service.

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On-time Delivery

Understanding your needs and deadline, we promise to deliver translation service in the required language within time along with accuracy. We completed more than 1000+ foreign language translation projects.  


Best Rate

At Alpha Data Leads, we provide certified translation documents at the best rate. Fortunately, we have an experienced team to accomplish your task without adding any extra charge.


We guarantee to offer translation services to all across the world

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