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Menu translation services

Due to the nature of their businesses, many people are forced to translate menus. Menu translation involves translating a menu into another language (usually English) and then translating it into your native language. We provide quality menu translation services that include everything from translating the menus to preserving the original artwork and layout of the menus and creating bilingual copies of them.

This service includes the interpretation of the business names or product names in the new language and the description of menu items to ensure the quality of the translation.

Our team will do its best to help you out, regardless if it’s a website that provides gluten-free recipes or a menu for a tourist agency that serves gluten-free meals.



With the way businesses are scaling up and the world is becoming more connected, reaching out to your international customers is a necessity. There is no better way to communicate to them than their own language. Translation services are useful to help you get your point across to an international audience. Human translation services are the way to go if you are looking to level-up your global reach and elevate business like never before. We are here to help you with all your translation service needs. 

We provide 24/7 assistance to your queries, have optimum flexibility in our operations and are always ready to adapt to all kinds of translation needs. We undertake translation for legal documents, film scripts, and business contracts and many more. Our team of experts analyze, translate, localize, and edit to ensure subject matter accuracy. We also use leading computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools that help yield faster response times while leveraging translation memory (TM), cutting costs and timelines. 

All our documents go through a rigorous quality check process to make sure you have the best of what is needed.

Why do we need menu translation?

Your restaurant’s reputation could be improved with the help of a quality menu translation. It shows that you are paying attention to details, which sends a clear message to your customers. You are showing them that you take your business seriously and strive to provide them with an experience of the highest possible quality.

People nowadays travel more often and farther away from home than ever before due to globalization, high living standards globally, low-priced airfares, highly competitive hotel prices, and the availability of tourist agencies prepared to help with every aspect of travel abroad. This also means that travelers understand the language of the country they choose as their travel destination gets lower and lower.

One of the most frustrating situations for tourists (or their daughters*) is ordering food at restaurants without knowing the language. More and more restaurants nowadays decide to offer their customers menus translated into various languages because the menu is the basis of communication between them and their customers.

The benefits of menu translation

To make an excellent first impression.

When choosing a restaurant, customers usually look at the menu first. If a foreign customer can understand a menu in a hotel restaurant, trust can be immediately built. This is often the main deciding factor in choosing a hotel restaurant over numerous other options available to tourists. There is no doubt that a good translation can make all the difference. It is important to note that a bad one can lead to laughter and the loss of credibility.

Expansion of customer base

According to the data provided by the Office for National Statistics, the UK receives over 30 million visitors from abroad every year, which amounts to more than 200 million nights spent in the country. Because of these figures, it is clear that the potential to attract foreign customers is high – and by providing menus in various languages to hotel restaurants, they can expand their customer base to a large extent.

To prevent customer confusion.

When you have traveled abroad, you know how frustrating it can be when you cannot eat in restaurants that do not offer their services in the language of your native country. The fact is that only a handful of tourists fully understand the local language, and a much smaller number of them know what the local specialties are, so choosing and ordering food can prove to be quite tricky, resulting in a great deal of confusion. Customers who are confused are not happy!

To reduce the possibility of misunderstandings and complaints.

Having trouble ordering food and being unclear about what they want is also likely to have foreign customers complaining about their food and service in general, as long as they are confused about what they are ordering. Furthermore, misunderstandings are not only unpleasant for the customers and restaurant staff involved. Still, they are also detrimental to other restaurant guests who are likely to be discouraged from returning.

To guarantee customer satisfaction.

In today’s world, tourists are very demanding. Hotel and restaurant services are expected to be of the highest standard, and menus that are not in their native language certainly don’t meet their high expectations. With the tourism industry being so competitive nowadays, any restaurant that does not meet all customer expectations quickly faces customer dissatisfaction and, in the long run, a lack of customers as well.

To increase revenue

Many things can occur when restaurant menus do not have translations in languages that foreign customers can understand – wrong first impression, smaller customer base, misunderstandings, customer confusion, and customer dissatisfaction – in the end, translate to customers choosing other restaurants and thus decreasing the revenue hotels. As long as possible, the restaurant should offer services in different languages so that foreign tourists can enjoy these since the cost of translating menus into other languages is relatively low compared to the potential increase in revenue that would arise from offering these services. 

The reputation of the hotel and restaurant needs to be maintained.

In today’s world, the Internet is an excellent tool for tourists to share the experiences of their travels with the world. As a result, if their experience is unpleasant, it also poses a severe threat to the reputation of the service providers they have chosen. Moreover, tourists are often unable to separate one single experience from all other occasions and impressions, so dissatisfaction caused by customers not understanding a restaurant’s menu hurts not only the reputation of the restaurant but very likely also the hotel in general.

If you are looking for menu translation services and you want to know more about them or if you need to ask about this service, please get in touch with us.

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