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Transcription Service for Audio and Video Files


Transcription is basically speech-to-text output. It is the process of converting an audio-visual fileinto written text.  Transcription services can be for converting only an audio file or a video. It is similar to a subtitle or script that helps our clients get easy access to various fields of academia, legislation and others.



Audio Transcription

Are you looking to transcribe your podcasts?

Having trouble decoding the long hours of audio and keeping in track?

We convert your audio files into written texts, so that it’s easy to navigate hours of audio as per your convenience. Audio Transcription is the process of converting an audio file into written text.  It involves interview recordings, academic recording, speech recording and other verbal documents.

Visual/Video Transcription

Why miss out on your favorite videos for not being able to hear?

Utilize your commutes by watching the transcripted videos for a holistic experience.

AV Transcription includes both verbal and non-verbal communication. All gestures and emotions along with speech are transcripted. With our excellent group of transcriptors and latest software technology, we provide audio-visual transcription that not only includes speech to text output, but involves transcription of visual images and gestures.

Actions speak louder than words, and we do not want you missing those, for want of video transcription. Our team hands out a well-transcripted document for almost all fields, it includes medical, legal, investigative, professional meetings and many more. Visual transcription or more commonly called video transcription becomes important to understand how a person reacts to certain stimuli, and we give you an accurate description of just that


Transcription process is simple but requires utmost attention.

  • We Listen

Our experts listen carefully to the recording file. They understand and identify the tone, context, voices and the conversation flow.This brings in an efficient audio transcription.

  • We Watch

Our team looks into every minute detail of a conversation, from the words spoken and conversation flow to the actions, gestures and emotions displayed by a person. Thus, the video transcription is done in an accurate manner.

  • Transcribe

The file is converted from speech to text in batches by our team of experts. Every audible word is accurately written with no addition or substitution.

All non-verbal gestures, emotions displayed, facial reactions etc. are entered to set the tone and context.

  • Review

Professionals add time stamps, speaker tracking and other voices.

  • Proofreading and quality check

All batches are combined and read along with the audio/visual file to ensure accuracy.


Easy To Consume Content

A well transcripted script gives readers an option of exploring the audio/video files anywhere. Your content can be consumed anywhere, anytime. It gives wider reach, helps easy access, and navigation to your content that can be watched everywhere.

Wider Reach

You often lose interesting audios and videos due to an alien tone. However, with proper transcription your reach increases two fold. A perfect content reaches out not only to existing consumers but potential clients. Adding a fully transcribed subtitled or closed caption video will help you reach all sections of society.


Ever wondered why your videos are not getting the expected response even if the content is well curated?

Videos that aren’t captioned or transcripted only reach out through their title and tags. By uploading the transcript and closed caption to Video Sites, Search engines get specific information about the content of your video.They go beyond title and tags and show your video even if the searched phrase is mentioned.



We believe in swift delivery of the transcripts and guarantee accuracy. Our professionals are always on stand- by to work on tight deadlines. We understand time is money and thus deliver short transcripts in a couple of hours as well.


With us you don’t have to worry about getting your hard work and confidential information shared. We respect our client’s privacy and any file that you share with us is protected from unauthorized access. Your files are encrypted and are secure with us.

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