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Software Localization

Understanding Software Localization

Software localization is a holistic process of adapting and creating software that complies with cultural and linguistic aspect for global reach. It is a vital step in expanding your business for global clients. It involves translating texts, GUI (Graphic User Interface), and changes in design and UX. A good Software Localized service makes website easily accessible to users and give a familiar vibe.



Software localization is accommodating target audiences’ needs. It develops a platform for easy accessibility and user satisfaction.  While multilingual translation adds wonders to a users’ experience, software localization adds cherry on the top. It becomes a must for complex products like games, applications and computer software.

Website localization and software localization are two sides of same coin. Both target linguistic and cultural aspects. Analyzing the market, curating personalized strategy and content are vital for SEO enhancement and increases traffic. To avoid cultural blunders and build a trustable brand software and website localization is a must.


  1. Increased global reach

With software localization, new ways are paved for you to enter in a foreign market and make your presence known. Global strategy and localization builds a booming market for your product.

  1. Be the competition

With your localized content your product gains value and gives you an edge over other similar apps/websites.

  1. User satisfaction

A well curated localization provides user comfort while surfing the app/website. Linguistic accuracy, text and design layout provide users with a wholesome experience.


  • Apps
  • Software
  • Games
  • Content management system (CMS)
  • Website


  1. Linguistic testing

A subset of localization is essential to attribute cultural appropriateness of content, design layout, functionalities and context of software applications.

  1. Excel translation

Though a tiresome job, it is a vital aspect of technical excellence. Technical companies around the globe have versatile worksheets, excel translation brings uniformity and encryption in the files.

  1. App localization

Software app localization for smartphones (Android), iPad, iPhone and windows

  1. Online help localization

We ensure our custom multilingual support desk will provide easily accessible user guides, tutorials and blogs that accommodateyour product.

  1. GUI Localization

Graphic user interface is translating text and UI string appearing on website, apps, etc., into different target languages.

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