10 translation companies in India.

10 translation companies in India.

10 translation companies in India

Seeking professional help from a translation company always proves worth its weight when it’s time to internationalize your website. Unfortunately, since the market is overflowing with service providers, getting in touch with that one vendor who can meet your expectations becomes tricky.

On top of it, finding a vendor who knows the nuts and bolts of your intended market and is backed up by an experience is the real deal. So here we are with a list of 10 translation companies in India to make the translation journey a smooth one for your website.

It’s time to jump right in.

  1. Crystal Hues-: Offering a string of services like legal translation, website localization, medical translation, and language localization, Crystal Hues has 100+ in-house translators, subject matter experts, and localization engineers. It had emerged as a pioneering translation organization of India.
  1. Alpha Data Leads -: Always open to adapting to all kinds of translation needs, Alpha Data Leads has a team of experts capable of translating content into 200+ languages. The process revolves around analyzing, translating, localizing, and then editing to the utmost accuracy. The transition services range from legal documents, film scripts, business contracts and many more.
  1. Devnagri-: Over 5000 certified translators operate round the clock to meet the client’s deadline. The company claims to be five times faster than all the different translation methods.
  1. Advika Translations-: Operating since 2001, Advika Translations claims to offer certified translations. The company provides translations in 400+ language pairs and over 100+ commercial languages.
  1. Tridindia IT Translation Services-: With 6000+ customers, Tridindia IT Translation Services has a workforce of 4000+ native translators. It claims to provide 99.9% accurate results within the client’s deadline.
  1. Shakti Enterprise-: With 35+ years of experience and expertise in translation and localization, Shakti Enterprise has provided services in megacities like Mumbai and Delhi.
  1. Somya Translation Pvt. Limited-: Serving clients across 50 countries, this company offers cost-effective translation services in the top ten major languages of the world, including Spanish, Chinese, Russian, Italian, Korean, Persian, French, German, and Portuguese.
  1. Transition Services Expert-: Claiming to offer top-notch services at the lowest price, Translation Services Expert has summoned people familiar with the intricacies of languages. Also are thorough with linguistic culture.
  1. Lisan India-: Relying on human translators, Lisa India has been catering to the needs of translation agencies, international organizations, and government institutions. It claims to be trusted by Disney and Unilever.
  1. Lingua Guru-: Based out of Delhi, at Lingua Guru, the workforce claims to have the finest native translators, DTP operators, and proofreaders. The proceed commences with client consultation followed up by project analysis and execution. The final step involves editing and proofreading.

Winding Up

By partnering with a translation company, you can ease the complexities of adapting your website into a multilingual one. This article has laid out the names of the top 10 translation companies in India that offer what you want.

It’s vital to go through the company’s official website to see if it meets your requirements and takes care of your budget before sealing the deal.

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