Website Translation for a Successful International Venture

Website Translation for a Successful International Venture

Global market and internationalization are the trending terms in the business world. Whether you have just entered or have been venturing the business sector for years, you must have come across these terms quite often. And rightly so. With the tech-savvy consumers, expanding internet reach and profitable e-commerce globalization of your business is no longer just an option.

Businesses venturing into the global market spend significant time in website designing, market research, prospective building but often neglect an important aspect of communication: Language. The importance of website localization is well known, however, businesses often are unable to grasp the intensity of importance website translation holds to penetrate a global market. A key factor for it is probably the auto-translation features provided by various search engines. This makes several businesses put down their guard and depend highly on these features.

A major difference between a successful venture and a struggling business is their priority setting. While a successful business prioritizes communicating well with their consumers both existing and prospective, others do not appreciate the working of a global community and rely highly on a generic approach. The intricacies of linguistic communication in the global market are such that, it is advisable to leave the task of website translation in the hands of professionals.


A global business requires global content. Your business must keep up with the fast pacing world. A successful venture even though starting locally, eventually ventures into the global space. There is no denying the fact that a successful business appreciates the local market in its global strategy. This means creating content that does not belong to just one or a few parts of the society but connects with every targeted community. This process will require you to connect with your customers in their language. Translating your website is important because

  1. Increased opportunity

Making your website available in different languages enhances your global reach. Unlike a website in a single language, your website will get higher business opportunities. If you are stuck with one language, you are definitely going to miss a large number of opportunities. For a significant chunk of the population, English is a second or third language, and if you are trying to target consumers in these countries you’ll probably stand far behind your competitors who have better communication with the local consumers.

  • Brand visibility 

A global business aims at expanding its consumer reach. Your brand visibility is an important factor that drives your global market. Several companies are providing similar services to yours, and thus to ensure better conversion rates you should be able to connect with your visitors. If the content available on your website is in a foreign language that your customer doesn’t understand or has to spend significant time understanding, you might lose your prospects to your competitors. 

  • Better communication

For a global business to grow, your targeted consumers need to understand the vision and services offered by your company. Efficient communication is the result of language appreciation. If your consumers are easily able to understand your content there are high chances they will appreciate your services.

  • Legal compliance

Many countries make website translation mandatory. In order to ensure transparent communication between companies and users website translation in a native language is compulsory. Not complying with the same may attract a fine.

  • Brand reputation

Website translation is an important aspect of creating brand value. If your website content shows appreciation to your consumers by providing them information in their preferred language, it helps in creating a sense of trust between you and your prospects. Not to forget such moves are also helpful in offline marketing by your consumers themselves.


We are often bombarded with the question, why should I choose your service when Google translate and other free services are available. Well as much as we appreciate the AI Translation provided by the search engines and understand their importance in the web world. We are strictly against it when it comes to creating a global market base through free-of-cost AI Translation. If you are someone who has used these services, you might have also noticed the glitches in its translation. These glitches are sometimes minute and can be avoided, but other times change the entire context and meaning of original content.

While targeting a global market, you are already walking on eggshells. Oftentimes thorough research and website localization are also insufficient to grab local consumer attention. And in this scenario, if your visitors find irrelevant and non-sensical results after translating the original content, your brand reputation suffers irreparably. A consumer once lost is not gained easily; with the cutthroat competition, you do not get several chances to create a clientele. Your small mistakes might cause you huge damage. 

It’s important to understand that people are emotionally connected and sensitive about their native language. Any successful business knows how to use these emotions for its benefit. A linguistic pattern in native languages shows that you are a brand that appreciates its consumers and will invest significant time in their market. Creating brand loyalty and trust through language may sound easy but requires translation experts to enhance your reach.

A translating agency spends significant research in understanding your targeted market. Linguistic experts’ employed by the website translation service providers carve out the fine intricacies of cultural values in language. A human translator understands the context and message of the company and translates the original content into numerous languages accordingly. Website translation by a professional ensures that your original message is conveyed in the most effective manner without losing its authenticity in multiple languages.

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A multilingual website is important for a flourishing global business. But it is also important to choose the right languages for website translation. With roughly 65000 languages being spoken worldwide, your decision of choosing the appropriate language for website translation is critical and difficult. You should do extensive market research to decide your targeting customers and pinpoint languages that will help you grow in the international market. To know more about the top 10 languages for the global market you can also read Top 10 Languages for Global Business.

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