Top Tips to Consider While Localizing your Website.

Top Tips to Consider While Localizing your Website.

Writing content that resonates with the readers’ needs is everyone’s end goal in this utterly competitive world. Language holds the immense power to form an instant connection with your readers. And you’ll be surprised to see the results once you localize your website.

Now we are not saying it just because we feel localization is essential. Organizations have reached out to internet users and compiled solid data. According to the data put forward by CSA Research, around 65% of internet users prefer websites in their local language. 

But listen close before you chalk out a plan to localize your website. Localizing a website is a journey on its own with a fair share of ups and downs. Don’t panic since we are here with top tips to consider while localizing your website. Ready for a tip-top guide ride?

Are website localization and language translation the same thing? 

Some people believe that website localization is another name for language translation. It might come as a shock, but website localization goes far beyond the boundary of linguistic translation. To understand it better, let’s quickly go through the definition of language translation and website localization. 

Language Translation: It is the process of converting the written form of one language into another to be easily understood. 

Website Localization: It is the process of translating the content of an existing website to a local language and adapting graphics and its interface to blend seamlessly with the intended audience’s cultural context. 

For example, your business deals with electronic devices, and France is your intended market. Your website’s content is curated in English. According to the data put forward by Wikipedia, only 39% of the total population of France are English speakers. And this 39% use English as their second language. 

There is every possibility that a person reading your content will exit your website since they won’t be very comfortable with English. But writing that same content with a French flavour can do wonders for you. 

To emphasize the significance of website localization more effectively, let’s look at the bullet points mentioned below. 

Importance of website localization

Website localization plays a crucial role in your overall strategy to establish your business in a new market. Let’s have a good look at its significance. 

  • When people consume content jotted down in their language and is rooted in their culture, it makes them feel that the content is written just for them. 
  • It will make people stick to your content and significantly increase the chances of becoming your potential customers. 
  • Since you are expanding your footprint in the international market, it helps leave a good or even great first impression on the people.

The best example that summons all these points into one is Government regulated websites. Since these websites are meant to address the people of a specific country, they are curated in the primary language of its people. 

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.” This quote by Nelson Mandela holds immense value wherever a person’s language is concerned. So how can the language of the content on a website be exempted from the importance of linguistic localization? 

Now let’s finally march on to the tips to consider while localizing your website.

Tips to Consider while Localizing your Website

Some hands-on tips help to look at the picture with more clarity. Also helps identify red flags on the journey. So let’s quickly begin our discussion about the tips to consider while localizing your website.

Tip No.1. Analyzing the market with utmost depth: Localization of a website is a journey, not a sprint. The tip to perform well in this journey is to know the preferences and expectations of the intended audience by heart. Market research doesn’t just sum up the images and interface of other localized websites targeting the same audience.

You have to search for the Selling point, the purchasing habits, customer behaviours, how much money they would like to spend for the services you are offering, and cultural differences. 

Consider yourself a customer and make a list of things you notice before buying a company’s services. These things will help you evaluate the market in a better way. 

Tip No.2. Hiring a Voice artist: To add colour to your localization strategy, offering a voice-over of the written content can offer an effortless experience to your target audience. For example, Forbes and Livemint offer voice-over with their freshly released website content. It is done to provide the facility to choose from more options. They can either scroll down the article or can listen to the audio.

If you add voice to your localized website, it’ll humanize your brand. However, it may add to your expenses since you’ll have to hire someone. But you’ll never know until you give voice-over a shot. 

Tip No.3. Design and development team in place: Here’s another tip to take the game of localization to the next level. It’s crucial to have people with a background in design and development backed up by experience in your localization team. 

Like you created your website by scratch, localization also goes from 0 to 100. It will help if you take care of font size, alignment, design, and overall website layout. And who can do it better than a pro? 

Tip No.4. Proofreading: It’s an integral element of any content. But since you are localizing, you must be extremely meticulous with every minor detail. Putting out services in the best possible way is the end goal. 

So what’s the tip? Proofread for one type of error at a time and review headings separately. Thus, it will significantly decrease the levels of errors in your content. 

Tip No.5. Localization web service provider: Reaching out to a localization web service provider can prove to be a boon to your website since they have a team in place to get the job done.

One such localization web service provider is Alpha Data Leads, with a wealth of experience and a promise to deliver the desired results. 

We ardently hope these tips make localization and things related to it more apparent to you. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I improve my localization? 

Putting a localization strategy development team into place is the key. On top of it, reaching out to a localization web service provider capable of developing a unique strategy can be of immense help. In addition to these, make sure that your services are available in every part of a region/country. Covering the most populated as well as the far-flung areas. 

Q. What is the primary benefit of localization strategy?

It’s backed up to provide a seamless experience to the customers. Technically you’ll be a newbie since you are entering new territory. However, having a localization strategy helps you confidently enter the market, which is replicated in your services. In turn, this will ignite a sense of confidence in your customers, turning them into your service buyers. 

Winding Up

We’ve laid out 5 tips to consider while localizing your website in this article. Definitions of language translation and localization of a website with its importance have found a place in this article. Companies like Nike, Nescafe, Coca Cola understood the assignment and have reaped the benefits of localization of their websites based on the region. 

The tips range from carrying out market analysis, the significance of the design and development team, a voice-over artist, proofreading to reaching out to a localization web service provider. These tips help to connect better with the intended audience and lure them.

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