Top 10 Languages to Expand Business Globally

Top 10 Languages to Expand Business Globally

Globalization and web has brought the business around the globe under one roof.  With a digital presence brands have expanded their reach and business across the world. But mere digital presence is not sufficient to grow globally.

The world is full of diverse demographics, cultural values and languages. With around 65,000 languages being spoken worldwide, it becomes impossible to make website translation in the huge number of languages existing. Before following through website translation services one must be aware of the market trends.

English is unofficially the language of the internet and yet reports show that only 29.5% web users are native English speakers. For a start up to grow you need to focus not only on the 30% but the other half of it as well. The biggest challenge you might face while opting for website translation service is to decipher the languages to be used for translation. And honestly there is no easy way to decide the same.

The perplexing notion of choosing major languages for your website content is tedious.Any business that transits from single or bi-lingual website to a multi-lingual one is approached with the major task of deciding the major languages for website translation.  It is the primary step in making a globally accessible website. This has to be done after intensive market research.

“Always deliver more than expected.”  –Larry Page, Co-Founder, Google

These words are like a holy grail for any start up. If you are looking to make an entry in the global market, you should not blindly follow your initial strategy. It may have helped you in growing at a smaller level, but the game in international market is totally different.  You must understand the following factors before opting for or out of website translation.

  1. Your market

If you are penetrating into a global market, understand the structure, legal rules, product placement and requirement. This gives you an overview on how to start a global business.  It helps you in understanding the probable outcome of your product/service launch.

  • Your competitors

Competitors are your major research subjects. You must have a thorough understanding of the position your existing competitors hold in the market. With that you must also consider the upcoming competition in your sector. Before leaping in with half- baked business strategies, you should learn for their business trajectory. It will give you an idea on how to be different from your competitors.

  • Your business scale

This is a vital need. You must be completely sure on the scale of your venture, and be ready with exigency credit or withdrawal of funds as well. In order to gain a stable market, your predetermination of the business scale plays an important role to ensure it.

  • Prospective consumers

If there is one thing that makes a difference in a successful start-up and struggling ones, its understanding and communicating with prospective consumers. You should have a good knowledge about your consumers’ demographics, the class they will mainly fall into i.e. companies, individuals, students, professionals etc., along with this it’s important to know the major language consumed by your consumers. It’s been seen that different products and services attract different demographics and language speakers.

“Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, remember, you can achieve.”  –Mary Kay Ash, Mary Kay Cosmetics Founder

Once you have filtered your requirements, choosing the top languages for website translation becomes a cake walk. Certain languages are limited to a particular niche and play a major role in growing your market. While certain others are common throughout. Such languages are called major languages of internet users. These languages are most spoken languages globally. If your niche sector falls into a general category you can without any hesitation choose any of these languages. The list of major web languages guides you through the paradox of website translation. Mentioned below are some languages you might want to take a note of:

  1. English

With over 29.5 per cent users, English stands as the crystal clear winner of internet language and thus makes first on this list. It is no surprise that the major consumption of web content is in English due to various reasons. This makes English to be your primary language when it comes to website translation.

English is a language that connects the world. Estimating around 478-536 million users, therefore it becomes important to have your website in English if you are looking to target an international audience.

  • Chinese

Chinese is the second most consumed web languages. It estimates around 22 percent i.e. approximately 383-444 million users on the internet.  The users for this language are mostly confined and impressed with its usage. If your website adds a personal touch for these consumers using their preferential language, you have higher chances of gaining brand loyalty.

Chinese translation is a difficult task and is prone to mistakes, thus it’s imperative to use best website translation services.

  • Spanish

Third on number but with a considerably low user base. It consists of 8 per cent of all internet users. And yet we suggest you to use this and languages mentioned below. Why? Even with comparatively low statistics, Spanish speakers are particularly interested in global services. With good tourism market, the knowledge and consumption of foreign products is particularly higher.

  • Japanese

Yet another language that consists of approximately 99 million web users. Japanese is gradually becoming a global sensation with its anime, manga and over the top technology. Website translation in Japanese is especially a great way to attract user of pop culture or tech services.

  • Portuguese

With over 4 per cent users worldwide, the languages still holds pretty good command over the web. It is a booming language for business prospects due to the boost in purchasing power of Brazil and Portugal- a major stakeholder in European economy.

  • German

Standing at the 6th position German is a major business language. Germany has the largest economy in Europe, and is practically a heaven for marketing. Investing in the language assures you sure shot returns.

  • Arabic

Once considered the language of past, has now entered in the list of languages of the future. The country is a significant player of globalization.  Its rising GDP Statistics provide the most favourable conditions for investment. With over 50-60 million users, Arabic translation services are essential for your growth.

  • French

This language has gained immense popularity over past few decades. With its speakers spread around the five continents, French translating websites will always be a smart business decision.  The language encompasses over 20% of world trade and stands amongst the major web languages used for translations.

  • Russian

It is one of the most popular internet languages. With an estimated 45 to 59 million users, Russian language opens a whole new world for online marketing. It is a lucrative market because of its tech savvy population.

  1. Korean

A small country that has been making its mark on the world map with its entertainment industry. Korean language translation is important if your business is looking to capture or penetrate the market. The country has fierce competition and a loyal clientele. It is essential for you to understand that in order to earn brand trust here you need to do more than advertising.

These languages will help you expand your business around the globe. With an efficient website translation services, your business gets a bold start.

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