Benefits of website Translation

Benefits of website Translation

Looking for the secret recipe to reach out to global clients?

Well, we are here to spill the secrets through our blogs on website translation. And hopefully, debunk the myth that English is the language of internet.

The past two decades have seen a rapid inclination in multi-national business. Every business aims at growing and making its mark in the global community.  The international market is a blooming lucrative platform; it allows businesses to flourish well.  However, the global market doesn’t grant easy access, presence of competition and lack of proper strategies are huge obstacles in tasting success.

In order to get the best out of your efforts,you need to connect with your consumers at core level.  Communicating with your prospects is thebest way to enhance market reach. Efficient business strategies are what you need to reach out to your targets. You must understand that your consumers vary from one place to other, even though it’s easy to prepare a blanket strategy to be followed though it’s often inefficient.  A good business creates its client base on trust and loyalty.

Understanding E-Consumers

Internet provides a great initiative for new start-ups, but to work your magic on your prospective consumers it’s important to understand them. Your consumers are from different demographics, culture and languages. If you are looking to convey your message to your prospects, it’s better to do it in a language they prefer. According to reports English speakers consists of only around 29.5% of web.  Any website that is available in various languages through translations has better chances of generating traffic. The internet has reduced attention span of users drastically, and gaining their attention in that limited time can be done efficiently through website translations.

Is website translation for me?

 “It is hard indeed to notice anything for which the languages available to us have no description.”— Alan Watts

It’s easy to scroll through a number of pages, without paying much head to the content and services offered. However, if the same website is available in one’s native or preferred language it brings forth a sense of belonging.  Website translations is considered an efficient way to gain trust from your prospects, it is then your customers do not just looks at you as an MNC or Tech Giant, but a company whose services are curated specifically for them.

A multilingual website creates an abode for its existing as well as prospective consumers. In a world where many websites choose to publish and advertise their products and services in a single or few languages, multi lingual websites that choose to embrace the diversity come as a breath of fresh air.

Benefits of website translations

If you analyze your website’s statistics, you may find a good number of clients are based in Non-English speaking countries. Natives of such countries find it difficult to get global services in their language of ease.  If you provide customization in multiple languages, you not only enhance your reach two fold, but you also develop a loyal clientele.  Website translation comes attached with numerous benefits and some of spelled out for you.

  1. Brand reach

When everything is available at just one click, you can only assume the number of people prevailing in your sector.  To start has been an easy task, but to keep up with the fast pace of web world is a tedious one.  It’s important to understand that without an appropriate reach your brand might just collapse into the web junk.  If you have a multi-linguistic website, your reach increases, with the good number of language preferences under your website, you show that your every client has equal footing. Increased brand reach through web and mouth to mouth marketing.

  • Brand value

The best way to enhance your reach is let your brand value do the talks. Attaining global reach is as difficult as it sounds, but the key to excel in international market is following customized business strategies. If you are a brand, that can be flexible to meets its customers’ needs, Bingo! You have hit a jackpot.  You need to create personalized content for your prospective and existing clients. This helps you in gaining their trust and the newly found brand reputation will precede your market penetration.

  • Improve SEO/SEM results

The digital era means the web is overflowed by similar services. In this scenario you have to use Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing strategies in your favor. To reach your targeted clients,SEO strategies can be used in various linguistic combinations. A good amalgamation of SEO/SEM strategies in various languages through translation services grants high search ranking. This in turn increase your market reach.

  • Higher conversion rates

Language is the key to one’s heart. As rightly pointed out by Nelson Mandela, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language which goes to his heart”.

Well, it’s a fact that a man always finds satisfaction and comfort in his language. According to reports, translated content in native languages of targeted customers is one of the prime reasons for their conversion. The journey from a visitor to customer can be achieved easily through providing content in their languages.

  • Increased traffic

Your website might be going through a slump or might have stuck at same numbers for some time.  It has been observed that websites that are translated into major languages or into the languages of their targeted customers have shown significant increase in traffic generation.   Proper implementation of SEO and translation will get you more traction on landing page content as well as indexed pages.

Website translation is not just a theoretical approach to generate traffic, it’s the most trusted and practical one.

  • Increased revenue

The above mentioned points are means to achieve your ultimate aim, i.e. revenue generation. If all these strategies are properly executed you revenue generation also increases.  An accessible website is an investment in your future, with multiple languages your websites has higher chances of getting hit both on local and global level.  This helps you getting higher traction and revenue.

Reasons to opt for website translation

“Without translation, I would be limited to the borders of my own country. The translator is my most important ally. He introduces me to the world.”— Italo Calvino

  1. Global brand

When brands start getting global, they face the issue of communication.  To stay as a pioneer, you have to hold the crown as a dominant global leader for longer periods. This is very effective message communication works wonders by translating your objectives, vision and mission in multiple languages.

  • Cost effective

Website translations are cost effective methods to enhance your global reach. It is the best investment you make in securing an air-tight global clientele.  With proper execution, your brand will go global in no time. Thus, providing you higher revenue.

  • Higher sales

Website translation are not just helping you reach your prospects, it also converts them into your customers.  According to a study, buyers usually follow the rule of “Can’t Read; Can’t Buy”, which means, the trust factor for a service provided by a website in foreign language is pretty low.

  • Competitors

There are high chances your competitor still follows a single minded approach while tackling its client base.  But it doesn’t mean, they will not learn the importance of multi-linguistic website translation. If you choose it right now, you are already ahead in your game.

  • Law demands

Some businesses follow the practice of translation as a legal requirement.  It is best to adhere to the rules instead of attracting penalties.

With website translations Don’t just create; connect.

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